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essay121 Essays - Finance, Money, Economy, Free Essays, Term Papers I was accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program at Howard for fall 2016. I am independent resident in the District of Columbia and work to support myself. I have been applying to grants, scholarships, and loans since I submitted my application to the program back in February 2016 . I have not received approval on any grants, scholarships, and loans as of September 30, 2017 . I currently have a bachelors and I am paying off my student loans to Great Lakes and Virginia Commonwealth University (Heartland Loan). I have used up my Pell Grant eligibility and my Federal Aid has only awarded me 12500.00 for the 2016-2017 school year. I have reached out to my mother for her help to cosign on any type of loan but she has declined due to her already putting money towards my undergraduate degree. I have reach ed out to my brother as well and he is not in a position to cosign for me. I went to my Wells Fargo bank on April 25, 2016 when I found out I was wait-listed for the Hygiene program. I applied for a student loan and was denied due to my credit report . When I graduated in 2013, I faced a financial hardship from being unemployed and was unable to make payments on my credit card from Wells Fargo or make payments on student loans. I didn't pay off the credit card in full and start making payments on my loans to rebuild my credit until 2015. I still have the charge off on my account even though the debt has been paid off. This has made it very difficult for me to get approved for loans, even private loans with high interest rates. I have applied to Sallie Mae an d Sofi for student loans and have been sent denial letters on August 10, 2016 and October 1, 2017 . I have exhausted all of my options and even request that Trans Union mail me a letter stating my debt has been paid off to reapply to more loans. This is my second time applying to Howard's competitive Hygiene program with only 10 seats for this semester. I have worked so hard to get into this program but unfortunately I did not have enough aid to continue the program and was forced to withdraw after fall semester. The director has held my seat to return this Fall and I am currently enrolled. My remaining balance for this semester after estimated aid is $6,558.00. Obtaining this degree means so much to me and I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Visual Rhetoric Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Visual Rhetoric - Research Paper Example At the close of 1860, James Buchanan asked in his State of the Union address, â€Å"Why is it, then, that discontent now so extensively prevails, and the Union of the States, which is the source of all these blessings, is threatened with destruction? â€Å" By this time the Missouri Compromise had been put into place, prohibiting slavery in the western territories even if they were to become states later on. Buchanan saw the Southern states’ intolerance with the North’s interference in slavery as a direct infringement of their state’s rights to make decisions. Because slavery was an integral part of Southern agriculture by 1860, the prohibition of the practice was an immediate threat to both economy and culture there. Buchanan agreed with the South and forewarned that trouble would ensue. â€Å". .the people of the North are not more responsible and have no more fight than with similar institutions in Russia or Brazil†. He continued at length, though, to dissuade secession, both by individual Southern states and by the allowance of Congress. Enter Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln promised not to extend slavery, in accordance with the Missouri Compromise. Because the U.S. had added large amounts of territory as a result of the Mexican War and the Oregon territory up to the 49th parallel after signing a treaty with Great Britain, only the existing Southern states were allowed to maintain the practice. The Republican Party’s position on slavery led to its 1860 victory – most party members were not for abolishing slavery nationwide.

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Influence of Culture on Global Organizational Practices Essay

Influence of Culture on Global Organizational Practices - Essay Example Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theoryThis theory is a structure for cross-cultural communications that was created by Geert Hofstede, which describes the impact of the culture of a society on the beliefs of its adherents and the manner in which these values are connected to behaviour while utilizing a framework that is resultant from factor analysis (Bardhan and Weaver, 2011, p. 111). This concept has been broadly implemented in a number of disciplines as an archetype for research especially in cross-cultural mind-sets, multinational management along with cross-cultural communication. The cultural dimensions theory was originally developed to evaluate the results of a global survey of the values of workers by IBM in the sixties and seventies. The theory was among the first that had the capacity to be computed and could be used in the explanation of observed differences in different cultures.When the concept was initially developed, it recommended four proportions that could be used to examine cultural values including individualism-collectivism, avoiding of ambiguity, and power distance together with masculinity-femininity. Research that was conducted in Hong Kong resulted in Hofstede adding another dimension, long-term bearing, to address the features of values that had not been addressed in the original archetype. Consequently, Hofstede added another dimension in 2010, which was indulgence versus self-restraint based on the analysis that was conducted by Michael Minkov.

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The New Frontier for Fresh Foods Supermarkets Essay Example for Free

The New Frontier for Fresh Foods Supermarkets Essay They are highly dealing on cleanliness, healthy and safety. They are meeting the highly customer quality demands. Fresh Direct collaborated with Automation Associates, Inc. (AAI), a leading provider of simulation solutions for the global supply chain, to help build and improve operations efficiency in, Long Island City, New York. AAIs current project enables Fresh Direct to determine ultimate capacity of its current facility and establish metrics that will signal need for a second location. With its simulation software, AAI will assist Fresh Direct with detailed performance analysis for the facility design, including all internal product movement, packing and shipping equipment, and activities. According to Randall Gibson, president and founder of AAI, by continuously working with a client, AAI can create a fluid model and adjust it for the clients operational changes and growth. Fresh Direct clearly appreciates this value and relies on simulation modeling and analysis as a strategic operations planning tool. With our latest modeling efforts, Fresh Direct will be able to determine specific facility upgrades that can double the total daily order volume. The strengths and weaknesses in reference to the company’s diversity initiatives are †¢Political Factors-Fresh Directs performance is influence by political and legislative conditions in those countries, including the European Union (EU). For labor law, the government encourages retailers to offer a combination of employment opportunities for flexible jobs, lower wages and local basis a highly skilled, better paid and central. Fresh Direct believes that retail trade has a large impact on employment and the factors of people, being an inherently local industry and labor intensive. †¢Economical Factors-The international business continues to grow, the company remains highly dependent on the U. S. A market. However, Fresh Direct would be seriously affected by a slowdown in the market for U. S. A †¢Social Factors-Current trends indicate that U. S customers have moved to the single and bulk purchases, which is due to social changes. Demographic changes such as aging factor, the increase of women employees and a decrease in preparing meals at home means that U. S. A retailers focuses on value-added products amp; services. Consumers are increasingly aware of health problems, and attitudes toward food constantly changing. †¢Technological Feature- New technologies benefit both customers and company increases customer satisfaction as the assets are available, services can be more personalized and more convenient. The commercial launch of the Efficient Consumer Response, the initiative provided that change as this company is dealing, with online services, it is necessary for the company to focus on latest technology. The steps Vivian Noble should take to recruit and develop a new work force are to find strong applicants who fit in with the company’s culture and goals. She will need to make sure that human resources pay attention to laws and civil rights when hiring new employees. She should research and learn about Phoenix, and what people are in needs of jobs. She may want to reach out to college career fairs, Internet sites, newspapers, community centers, and minority organizations. She needs to find people who match the company’s personality and goals to create a positive relationship within the store. She should make sure she keeps the senior managers involved in planning the recruitment activities. She should set up a training program that is mandatory for the recruiters. The training program should include information on hiring procedures, interview techniques, affirmative employment goals, and appropriate questions and behavior (Building and Maintaining a Diverse and High Quality Workforce).

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In What Ways Do You Think That The Dreams Of The Characters Are :: English Literature

In What Ways Do You Think That The Dreams Of The Characters Are Different From Reality And To What Extent Will They Be Fulfilled? The American Dream can be defined as the idea that America is the land of opportunity for everyone who is willing to work hard and persevere. It was seen as the land of freedom where everyone has a chance of "pursuit of happiness." The USA was seen as a place of equal opportunities for anyone, one of the reasons being that there was no class system like there were in Britain. Dramatic irony links in with this idea of the Wingfield family living in the middle of the American Dream. It involves us in the play but as it is a memory play, dramatic irony does not make us feel part of it. It reminds us that we are on the outside looking in and also that we live in a different time period than the one in which the play is set. We, as the audience have a great deal of insight into the play, and therefore we know that there is no real truth in the American Dream. It is just a myth because the play is set in the 1930's, which was the period of the Great Depression. The American economy had collapsed due to the Wall Street Crash, so it would have been virtually impossible for the American Dream to work for someone like Jim. Jim is Tennessee Williams' central focus point of all the characters' dreams as he is "the long delayed but always expected something" that the Wingfield family have been waiting for. He is the most significant character in the play who can be related to the American Dream. In the film version, Jim is portrayed as an ordinary man, which is disappointing for us as we find it impossible to believe that he is such a central character and that all the dreams of the Wingfields depend upon him. " Knowledge - Zzzzp! Money - Zzzzzp! - Power That's the cycle democracy is built on!" When he pitches this line to Laura, we wonder that how can a person who believes in this absurdity, be such a central character in the play if he is portrayed like this. The actor who plays Jim in the film makes him seem extremely stupid. The actor does not give the impression that Jim is very important and it does not emphasise the fact that he is such a major character, which is why I feel that the portrayal of Jim is unsuccessful. Jim strongly believes that he will be able to obtain an executive post

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Drink †Coffee Essay

A. Overview of the Industry The beverage industry in the Philippines has increased its market volume in the recent years as the fruit of gaining popularity and support from majority of the Philippine population. According to Euromonitor. com, after reporting a total volume drop of 2% in the previous year, juice recovered to be among the most vibrant soft drinks categories in 2013. Total juice volume ballooned by 8% supported by the products’ popularity among schoolchildren and the increasing health-consciousness in the country. Manufacturers continue to cash in on the local perception that juice is healthier than other popular soft drinks products like carbonates. It should be noted that, in 2013, the Department of Education banned the selling of carbonated drinks in school premises. Juice benefits from this development as it is among the beverages geared at children. B. Market Profile The target market of Zest-O in general are the kids and moms. These consumers can afford consumption for such beverages and therefore, better chances of high sales volume. Simultaneously, they also have the tendency to be more aware of health and wellness needs basically due to unlimited access to the diverse forms of media for advertising and promotions as carriers of information. As mentioned earlier, the Philippines, having a warm climate, is not such a comfortable place to be in especially during the peak of heat waves. For the local consumer, it’s all natural to look for a thirst-quenching treat in compensation for the discomforts of the heat. In line with this, demand for refreshing beverages significantly boosts during the months of March, April and May, while the rest of the year, the demand lessens partially yet remains constant. C. Market Size Based on the preliminary results of the 2012 Census of Philippine and Industry (CPBI) conducted nationwide, the Philippines had a total of 173,900 Value of Production of Key Manufacturing Enterprises by Beverage Industry for the year 2012. Table 1 shows that Beverage Industry for the year 2009 garnered the lowest number of value of production of key manufacturing enterprises at 123,300 (71.9%) followed by the year 2010 with 141,700 value of production of key manufacturing enterprises. Table 1 Link: http://www. nscb. gov. ph/secstat/d_estab. asp Industry cost structure A value chain is a model used to disaggregate a firm into its strategically relevant value generating activities, in order to evaluate each activity’s contribution to the firm’s performance (Terms V 2006). Through the analysis of this model we can gain insight as to how a firm creates their competitive advantage and shareholder value. The value chain of the nonalcoholic beverage industry contains five main activities. These include inbound logistics (suppliers), operations, outbound logistics (buyers/ customers), marketing and sales, and service. Inbound Logistics (Suppliers) Zest-O’s suppliers provide them with materials such as ingredients, packaging and machinery. In order to ensure that these materials are in satisfactory condition, Zest-O has put certain standards in place which these suppliers must adhere to (The Supplier Guiding Principles). These include: compliance with laws and standards, laws and regulations, freedom of association and collective bargaining, forced and child labor, abuse of labor, discrimination, wages and benefits, work hours and overtime, health and safety, environment, and demonstration of compliance (Zest-O 2006). From time to time, Zest-O uses third parties to assess their suppliers by having interviews with employers and contract workers. If a supplier has issues about the supplier guiding principles, they are usually given a certain amount of time to take corrective measures; if not, Zest-O has the right to terminate their contract with these suppliers. Operations Zest-O’s core operations consist of Company-owned concentrate and syrup production. According to their website, some of the main environmental impacts of their business occur further along the value chain through system’s bottling operations, distribution networks, and sales and marketing activities. Management of these operations across the business value chain tends to be more challenging outside of the core operations. According to Zest-O, they continue to address this by working with their partners to reduce the effects at every level of the manufacturing process by enlarging their comprehension of the complete environmental impact of their business through the entire lifecycle of their products from ingredient procurement to production, delivery, sales and marketing, and post-consumer recycling. Outbound Logistics (Buyers/ Customers). The activities required to get finished products to customers include warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, and distribution management. Zesto products are sometimes transported by four-legged power. Across much of provinces, bottlers deliver to thousands of family-run kiosks and home-based stores. Marketing and Sales The Company pioneered the first-ready-to-drink juice drink in flexible foil pouch (Doy Pack System). With its flair for innovation, Zest-O juice drinks won the consumers’ patronage and wide acceptance. Over the past 25 years, Zest-O has earned itself a place in the Filipino culture. Zest-O Corporation has posted enormous growth over the years. With total assets of only Php 10M when it started, it continued to grow reaching annual gross sales of 280M in 1987 after 6 ? years of operation. As the company continued to venture into different products, sales continued to MULTIPLY reaching a total annual gross sales of Php 2. 6 B for the year 2004 with a total asset of 450 M. Service Activities that maintain and enhance a product’s value include customer support, repair services, installation and training. Zest-o’s customers range from large international retailers to smaller independent businesses and vendors. As a result, they provide services tailored to meet their customer’s needs. Market Trends Zest-O’s target markets are increasingly growing towards recognizing the difference between poor quality brews and those of high quality. This development is an important trend for the company as it represent its target market. Zest-O now are having an increasing number of people who appreciate the traditional brews whilst living in the urban areas. With this in mind Zest-O intend to ensure that our packaging is respectable and attractive. Today’s extremely stressful work environment dictates that individuals consume healthy drinks especially in the summer season, this presents an opportunity that Zest-O may exploit, marketing the health aspect of its beverages. Market Growth Juice will continue to capitalize on its health positioning to sustain growth in the forecast period. The total volume CAGR from 2013 to 2018 in this category is 2% while constant value sales will reach Ps45. 6 billion in 2018. The demand for juice is supported by the health-consciousness of consumers in the Philippines, and will be stimulated further by the expected influx of new product developments by manufacturers in 2013-2018. Recognizing consumers’ increasing demand for products, which are positioned to improve the wellbeing of patrons, industry players will largely invest in the development of health and wellness juice products. Fortification will remain a key strategy employed by companies to differentiate themselves from competition and target specific consumers. Source: http://www. euromonitor. com/juice-in-the-philippines/report Market Needs Drinks in the Philippines are not only a necessary complement to meals, but also help beat the tropical heat. As with their food, Filipinos often incorporate local produce into beverages to create tasty and refreshing concoctions. A few examples include blended mango shakes, coconut juice and pandan leaf iced tea. Filipinos also enjoy the coconut-infused hard liquor known as lambing and gin cocktails mixed with pineapple juice or citrus fruit juice. Zest-o will set out to provide good quality products that will help instill a jovial environment. Zest-o intends to provide the customer with more than a drink to quench one’s thirst. The company intend to provide a quality beverage that not only quenches one’s thirst but enables one to enjoy themselves and be proud of it. The quality of raw materials and assembly technology evident in their products will serve to enhance the appearance of the customers, in turn adding to their status.

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The Tale Of The Book Enchanted - 1680 Words

If there was a single word in the entire English language that could aptly describe the total encompassing sensation Olivia felt possessing her entire being, it was enchanted. Never before had someone like this stranger completely captivated her wholly, at least no one who was alive. Yet as she stood before him breathlessly admiring his brilliant jade orbs, the young woman had forgotten the purpose of her venture into London s East End. In that same moment, she was awestruck with this stranger and much like the Grimm fairy tales she had adored reading as a youth, she felt as if she had been dropped into her own gothic tale. The particular spell the stranger had weaved without speaking a word felt unbreakable but for the dark haired†¦show more content†¦Reality had long since faded away and in its stead was the lovely gritty black and bloody red daydream she had to hide from the world beneath false pretenses. The same desire to remain within her twisted sweet dream returned a s she basked within her own insanity silently, breathlessly drinking in this tall, dark stranger, Darcy forgot for the moment like a bad memory. Just as she had opened her mouth to say more, perhaps to request a name, did he respond, halfheartedly mentioning her companion. Wait, she had a companion? Wide eyes flicked towards the pale male beside her M-My companion? Oh...- She even questioned aloud before her voice held instead disinterest for the man at her side. Sadly, the carmine and onyx daydream she was having began melting away as reality slowly shift back into focus as she realized that any fantasy world that she constructed would most certainly not contain the spoiled, selfish playboy that was Darcy Oxenham. With a reluctant sigh, Olivia smiled back to the stranger and offered a quick Let s hope not in response to the dark clad gentleman s comment about Jack and his killings. In truth, the Ackerman girl wanted nothing more than to hear about another grizzly, disbodied murder in the papers as it meant Jack s work hadn t been concluded. Sadly like most sweet dreams, her s came to an immediate, screeching halt as it was when the dark stranger with his soul searching emerald gaze dipped his hat inShow MoreRelatedThe Truth About Princesses in Fairy Tales830 Words   |  4 Pagesbeautiful, always gets her prince charming, and lives an enchanted life for ever after, is a dangerous â€Å"reality† to create for young girls. Eventually, while growing up from child years to young adults, girls in this type of environment can develop a gender constructed identity that, they are superior and deserve an enchanted life. It’s a dangerous reality for these young girls because they will grow up to believe that, they’re entitled to the fairy tale life, having pure beauty , marry her dream man, conceiveRead MoreElla Enchanted Book vs. the Movie Essay1512 Words   |  7 PagesElla Enchanted book vs. the movie Many books that were published years ago have recently been made into movies. One of the well-known books that have been made into a film is Ella Enchanted (1997) by Gail Carson Levine. This book won several awards, including the Newbery Honor book in 1998. Ella enchanted, the Disney movie version was released in 2004. Anne Hathaway played the role of Ella and it was directed by Tommy O’Haver. The story talks about a girl named Ella who is cursed at birth by aRead MoreComparison Of Black Beauty And Ella Enchanted859 Words   |  4 Pages The books Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine may seem worlds apart at first glance. Black Beauty is a classic tale about a horse in the 1800’s as he is passed from owner to owner, each treating him with different levels of respect and kindness, showing whatever social class, age, or gender someone may be or belong to, kindness is a choice, and it really does affect people and animals. Ella Enchanted i s a more recent story, but no less compelling. It is a creativeRead MoreCinderella vs Ella Enchanted Essay2614 Words   |  11 PagesCinderella vs Ella Enchanted The tale of Cinderella has been heard and read for many generations. The idea of rags to riches has appealed to countless readers through varying accounts. The plot of Cinderella has become a traditional theme. Through different cultures and eras the theme has seen many copies, remakes, twists and views in literature, theater and film. Today’s era of blended families and conflicts in class statuses may be why Cinderella has been a classic. One of those twists is seenRead MoreChildrens Literature Midterm Essay785 Words   |  4 Pagesfairy tales most frequently uses animals as characters? Trickster tales 4. Which category of traditional literature is also considered poetry? Ballads 5. Which book was the FIRST significant fantasy novel ever published? Black Beauty 6. Tall tales originated in the U.S. 7. Type IV animal fantasy (told though animals’ viewpoint) will always have: real world setting 8. The Caldecott medal is awarded annually to: illustrator///United States 9. Which story is a classic example of an enchanted journeyRead MoreThe Sweet Hereafter and The Pied Piper of Hamelin Essay670 Words   |  3 PagesPied Piper A tragic event can occur in no longer than a moment and produce a domino effect that can change everything in your life. The book The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks contains such an event. This book has a modernized undertone of the folk tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning. This tale is carried throughout the books entirety. Both of these stories show connections in many ways and almost parallel one another in their basic plot of showing the painful effectsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film The Beauty And The Beast 1296 Words   |  6 PagesBeautiful. Amazing Set and advanced technical aspects. It follows the movie very closely, adding a few songs and some extra dialogue. This is one of my favorite Disney movies and is now one of my favorite musicals c. The Special Effects: Whether it be the tale of how the Beast came to be with lighting and thunder or when the Beast turned human again, the special effects used in this play were amazing. I especially liked the last scene where the Beast was transformed back into a prince. He was lifted up intoRead MoreOscar Wildes The Selfish Giant: A Felicitous Ending?748 Words   |  3 PagesFelicitous Ending? No one will dispute the fact that Oscar Wildes short story, The Selfish Giant, is a piece that is undoubtedly for children (Luthra 2009). The tale is rife with imagery and diction that appeals to a childs sensibilities, and is complete with a hero (or anti-hero) and other children, facets of which are endemic of childrens literature. However, the primary problem with this interpretation of this short story is that virtually all childrens stories end happily. Wildes narrativeRead MoreThe Effects Of Children s Literature On Kids1512 Words   |  7 PagesMaria Tatar is a published author, whose mastery lies in children’s literature. Tatar’s work, Enchanted Hunters: The Power of Stories in Childhood, focuses on the impact of children’s literature on kids. According to Tatar, children don’t read analytically to find the meaning or lesson behind the words on the page, but rather they seek the â€Å"vicarious pleasure† given off as they explore the worl d in their books (Tatar 17). Depending on different circumstances, many children read to escape their ownRead More King Arthur Essay example1129 Words   |  5 Pagesin a deep sleep in a tower where he cannot get out. Arthur’s sister Morgana Le Fae, tricks him into doing battle against his own knight who has his sword, Excalibur. While he is sleeping, she steals his magic scabbard and throws it into the lake. Book II: The Knights of the Round Table Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- The Green Knight makes a deal with Gawain who must meet him a year later to have his head cut off. A year later Gawain goes out to find him like he promised. And stays at a man’s